Connecting academic and industry researchers with interns, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows globally


Gradsters is a marketplace to recruit higher education talent

Gradsters is a web-based project management and recruitment platform for graduate students, researchers and the industry. It provides new prospective students the opportunity to browse through all the different projects offered by researchers and faculties across the globe.
Through a simple user experience with advanced search functionalities, Gradsters help laboratories build the perfect team. Our long time goal is to promote, organize and increase the efficiency of research teams on a global scale: find the right talent for the right project.

Gradsters Community

Talent acquisition might be a one-time activity, but Gradsters' community provides laboratory management tools to help bolster the effectiveness of research and development. The community provides value-added features to engage users with the platform - long after they have found the right match for them.

Search for projects anywhere in the world, based on your own experience and affinities
Connect with students with the right background and motivation
Get access to students with proven experience in some highly specialized domains

Who's behind the scene?

Tristan Galbas
Luc Bourgeois
Olivier Caron-Lizotte

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